M&S Disposal Service

M&S Disposal Service is the Garbage Removal and Recycling Company of choice for homeowners in Williamson County, Tennessee. We offer Fast Removal and Disposal of Residential Garbage, Trash and Extra Hauls of Non-Household Trash Items as well as Environmentally Friendly Recycling Services.

Curbside & Back Door Trash Pickup

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer convenient Curbside and Back Door Pickup as well as extra haul collection of materials that don’t easily go into cans and bins. We are locally owned and operated as well as licensed and insured. M&S Disposal Service owns all of the necessary equipment to handle any size job in a professional and timely manner. For commercial businesses, we offer sustainable industry solutions.

Waste Stream Analysis, Audit & Solutions

Find out exactly what is in your waste stream! Our experts at M&S Disposal Service can assess your waste streams and develop the best disposal and recycling solutions for you. This will help you focus your recycling and waste reduction efforts optimally. Our waste audit and analysis can be used to determine just how effective your current waste diversion efforts are and how they can be improved. By better understanding the sources of your waste, you can change practices to minimize what goes into your trash cans or dumpsters as well as save money and natural resources.

Discard Waste & Recycle Conveniently from Home

It is our goal to always provide the highest level of service at fair and affordable prices. M&S Disposal Service is committed to providing homes like yours with a healthier, cleaner and more beautiful environment.Contact us to sign up for our trash pickup and recycling services today … and never have to take your paper, plastic, metals and other garbage to a recycling center or dump again! Our food and organic waste pickup eliminates the hassle of composting. We make it easy for our customers to discard waste and recycle from home.

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