Recycling Programs

At M&S Disposal Service, we understand that your time at home is at a premium and that recycling may not be your top priority. Recycling is an important aspect to preserving the environment and as a family owned and operated company; we want to make it as easy as possible for our valued customers by providing a convenient curbside recycling service. Just place it in the blue recycling bag and leave the sorting to us, it’s that easy.

Recycling Paper/Cardboard/Magazines

Homes use paper products on a daily basis, in fact paper products are responsible for 71 million tons of paper waste which ends up in municipal landfills each year. The good news is that when you participate in our blue bag recycling program you can actively reduce the amount of discarded paper products. Along with paper many of the cardboard products used every day are made of recycled materials or by products from other industries like sawdust and wood chips. Other types of recycled cardboard are used to make cereal boxes, tissues, paper towels, writing paper, and corrugated cardboard. Many of our customers are under the impression that magazines cannot be recycled and are surprised to learn that 45% of all magazine products are being recycled on a daily basis. Contact us today and speak with a knowledgeable customer professional regarding our comprehensive recycling programs.

Plastics Recycling

There are literally billions of pounds of plastic that end up discarded in landfills across the county. While plastic products have many advantages to consumers including flexibility and weight, it also consumes large amounts of fossil fuel during the manufacturing process. At M&S Disposal Service, we are a locally owned business offering cost effective recycling services to help preserve our community for future generations.

Recycling of Aluminum/Tin

When you think of recycling, one of the first things that come to mind is aluminum cans. Aluminum cans are 100% recyclable, so when you add them to your recycling bin, you are drastically reducing the energy needed to make new ones. Did you know that your recycled soda can is returned to the shelf as a brand new one is as little as 60 days? There are literally thousands of consumer products that are made from aluminum including foil food wrap and disposable cook wear. Aluminum can be recycled over and over as the process is simple and involves re-melting the metal. On the other end of the spectrum, your recycled soup and other tin food cans can be used to make household appliances and car parts.

Blue Bag Recycling Programs in Franklin, TN & Williamson County, Tennessee

When in doubt regarding what items you can recycle, contact the experts at M&S Disposal Service for a full list of applicable items. For more information regarding curbside & backdoor trash pickup and recycling services in Williamson County, TN, contact the knowledgeable experts at M&S Disposal Service today!

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